Grant Macintosh

Grant Macintosh has had a hugely successful and accomplished career covering recording, concert, stage and TV genres. Described as having ‘The Voice of an Angel’ by international bestselling author MC Beaton (Hamish Macbeth/Agatha Raisin) and as being ‘The best male pop vocal in the UK’ by multi-hit UK dance act QFX.

His music career has been spread over a wide canvas of styles including pop, soul, musical theatre and dance music and has been performed over a variety of personas and stage names. His TV appearances have featured on both primetime ITV and BBC. Benefit concert guest performances have been alongside major stars and to celebrity audiences.

His first professional break came as lead singer and co-writer with the pop band The Love Decree, most famous for their massive Scottish hit single ‘Something So Real’ being the theme song for the iconic ‘Chinheads’ TV advert directed by pop video director Steve Barron (director of Billie Jean for Michael Jackson). Moving on from The Love Decree in 1996, Grant fronted various 70s disco themed acts in the late 90s, highlights including a series of shows in the coveted music slot at Late’n’Live in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and landing a support slot for superstars Odyssey.

The millennium ended on a high with Grant signing a solo record deal for Total Rhythm Records alongside legendary artists such as soul diva Rosie Gaines, experimenting at the label with self-penned recordings over a fusion of styles from swingbeat to club to soul.

The new millennium began with a body of solo and band work with the multi-hit single UK dance act QFX and producer Kirk Turnbull including dance music projects and TV theme work. A techno pop bi-lingual dance remake of Marlene Dietrich’s ‘Falling In Love Again’ had its UK debut at Poptastic and the German side was managed by famous German publicist Barbara Wawrczeck (Donna Presley/Julian Lennon).

A shift to musicals then followed starring in shows including ‘Great Songs of the Musicals’ and the sell-out hit Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Anthems from the West End’ including critical praise from the BBC. Limited edition album release ‘Live at the Fringe!’ being a sell out to post show audiences.

The last decade saw a mix of eclectic ventures including writing and recording tv theme songs on projects for major production companies and directors including Will Yapp. During this timeline Eurovision, the World Cup and the Circus also featured. Grant’s song co-written with Paul Wilson made the shortlisted final 12 for the UK Eurovision entry and Grant proudly sang for his maternal English roots on the QFX produced world cup song ‘Come on England’ which received mainstream radio play. Grant’s family’s ‘Paulo’s Circus’ was celebrated on the docu-reality TV pilot show ‘The Circus’ on ITV1 with Grant’s theme song ‘Paulo’s Circus’ – produced by David Moralee – approved for use on any future series commissioned.

In 2017 Grant and his team began work on his new show ‘The George Michael Songbook’. The show being a tribute to the late, great star and celebrating his amazing music.

“It’s been an incredible and varied journey – never a dull moment – and I’ve been privileged to work with some amazing and talented people. In The Love Decree we wrote some excellent songs, I was a great frontman and Robin a very gifted player and producer and it provided building blocks for your career working with the likes of Ian Morrow, BA Robertson and Steve Barron. The themed shows – both the 70s disco and the Musicals – fulfilled long held ambitions of mine to work in these vastly different but equally brilliant genres. The body of work with Kirk and QFX and writers/producers such as David Moralee and Paul Wilson was hugely enjoyable and over as diverse a range of projects that you could imagine. Having strong, driven and super talented women such as Kelly Cooper and Barbara Wawrczeck as part of your team was inspirational. Everything you achieve and learn with the people you work with, you give thanks and it makes you into what you are creatively today. You take that, move forward, open new doors and make new experiences.”

20 years a career in photographs…

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